What is the League?

    The League painstakingly makes sure Sam's name goes untarnished, and to punish all those who would say anything negative about him. Here you can find all known reports of his 'crimes' and accusations and read the TRUTH about Sam and what he stands for. 

  • Can he really be all that bad?

  • Look how cute and non-threatening he looks.

  • Did Ashley wear a penciled-on mustache when she       was 5?

  • Can she even grow a mustache?

These are all important things to ask yourself and consider when you are wondering who to vote for in the upcoming election. 

Would you rather have someone who lies about her opponent and DOESN'T have a mustache 


Would you rather have someone who DOESN'T lie about his opponent and DOES wear a penciled on mustache and at the same time achieve peace between two cultures?

Vote smart, Vote right. Remember, a vote for Ashley is a ticket to Hell.