Join the Thousands!

Join the Thousands of celebrities that Sam can call close friends as they clear his name. Here are just a few that can help set the record straight if you aren't fully satisfied with our attempts at contr..., we mean, changing your attitudes towards him. 

Sam Niell

Dr. Grant, portrayed by Sam Niell in the great film, 'Jurassic Park' knows deep down in his heart that Ashley truly does smell and that Sam is great. The lines "...Ashley smells, Ashley smells..." had to be replaced with "Babies smell, Babies smell!" when Steven Spielberg caught wind. As much of a Sam supporter Steven is (card carrying member of the Anti-Samfamation League), he decided not to let his film get full of slander, because Sam and his supporters are better than that. 

Harrison Ford

Even the all powerful Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford knows what Ashley is truly up to. In this timeless scene from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', a very polite Harrison Ford laughs whilst Ashley is being brought up in conversation offscreen, then shows his true thoughts in an aside to no one in particular (especially not the Anti-Samfamation spy cams installed to make sure all members are worshiping Sam. Wait, what?). 

Prince Charles

Even dear Prince Charles calls Sam a friend. In a recent interview, Prince Charles was quotes as saying,  " Putin is doing just about the same as Ashley". After much backlash, however, he was forced to issue a new statement saying that what he really meant was  "Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler". This truly isn't much better though as in his mind he can easily mistake Ashley for Hitler. Coincidence? We think not. 

Vote smart, Vote right. Remember, a vote for Ashley is a ticket to Hell.