What Ashley REALLY is!

Recently the staff at the Anti-Samfamation League spotted a few gushing remarks about Ashley the Great Deceiver on her own Campaign page. We show you the truth behind the misleading claims and pictures. 


We were able to find the UNEDITED photos that Ashley used in her Campaign website. Would a LOVER OF CHILDREN subject them to a fiery inferno for a selfie????? Who does that??? Just one more piece of evidence that she is Devil-spawn.


This shocking picture shows Ashley and her boyfriend, who is clearly a Zombie. You can even see her fingering his rib gap. How disturbing. If we can't even trust Ashley to not date Zombies, how can we trust her to put down a Zombie revolt?


What we at the Anti-Samfamation League know is that putting anyone in the vicinity of Nazi crosses or Runes is an instant career killer. We specialize in using the tragic past to ensure we can outdo our opponents. We even put a picture of Sam in a German uniform, but are there any symbols visible? No. BUT THIS SHOCKING PICTURE just proves she is totally a Nazi. 

Vote smart, Vote right. Remember, a vote for Ashley is a ticket to Hell.